Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Contemporary slave wages


This report about the salaries paid to the cleaners put me in a state of depression and gave me a bitter taste in my mouth. I mean how can someone especially with a family is expected to continue living after all of the living expenses are deducted out of his check nets only 8 Kuwaiti Dinars a month. This translates into less than $ 1 dollar a day.

Even the newly enacted legislation which stipulates a 40 Kuwaiti Dinars to be paid as a monthly salary for the cleaners is still way too little compared to other cleaner salaries working in the western world.

For instance, in the United States the average non unionized cleaner earns in monthly salary about $ 1,666 that is more than 11 times higher than the $150 which the cleaners get paid monthly in Kuwait.

I think that the cleaners deserve to be paid much higher salary than that, I think that their living expenses including room and board ought to be free & at the expense of the Kuwaiti company that sponsors them to come and work for it.

It is a high time for this travesty to come to an end, the cleaner is a human being just like anybody else; he needs to be treated with dignity and respect. He ought to be paid an honest wage for an honest day of work.

Cleaning budget is probably the lowest operating expense in any structure if compared with other expenses such as maintenance, energy, security, and other up keep of all of the other aspects of the physical structure.

Let us pay those cleaner what they deserve and end this modern day slavery.

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