Thursday, November 11, 2004

It is really amazing how few short days ago the Muslim leaders across the nation were trying to get out the votes amongst their constituents in order to defeat and eventually oust the incumbent President who is the champion of the moral values; and install a senator that didn't show much of a keen interest in any moral values.Now,and after the people spoken up loud and clear,the Muslims of America are plying the tune of moral values,and exhibiting moral gestures that were ostensibly absent in the days and months that preceded November,the 2nd.It makes you wonder where were those people when the president needed them for his re-election bid!. Well,some of us do know better,we know not to so easily trust those who were rallying for our opponent yesterday,and today they want to kiss and make up.Sorry,but that isn't how the world works.Moral values have been an American trait ever since this country was founded,they aren't limited to this party or that party,they are a core fundamental American belief.Muslim's reconciliation gestures doesn't have to be offered to the new president because he won re-election,it should have been a common practice by all faiths throughout the years before,during, as well as after the presidential elections.The president has made it abundantly clear in his first press conference that he is your president and my president irrespective of what faith you might be following.It behooves the Muslims of America to have faith in their president and while it might be a nice things to do in trying to reach out but at this moment it looks like it is sort of too little too late,I think.