Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crazy & random thoughts

I feel more lonely when I'm around people than when I'm sitting by myself.
I don't like to say anything unless whatever I'm saying will have some benefit of some sort.
I fully understand the world but it doesn't want to understand me.
I like to read the fine print in every text to make sure that every word is fully comprehensible.
I have lots of family members, people I know from distant past but I don't have anyone that I can call a friend
I feel that everything in this life is built on a quid pro quo basis and nothing else.
I believe that controlling the speed of the data mining inside our brain is the key to maintaining sanity
I think that hearing about things makes stick into our mind much faster than reading about it from a written source.
I concur with the saying: A trip of a thousand mile begins with the first step, though there is no guarantee that you will get there.
It is true that it takes only one Shepperd to lead the flock, but it is also true that one Shepperd can cause a lot of damage to the same flock.
I don't know why we always wish that there was a second chance to do the same exact thing that we failed to do the first time around.
I think that bias, discrimination, prejudice are facts of life, it only turns lethal if and when it is practiced on you.
I think that morality has no clear cut definition, people identify moral and immoral only according to the way they understand it.
I believe that both God and the Universe have no beginning and have no end.
I think that judging other people arbitrarily is the worst thing that any one can do
I think that admitting your mistake and apologizing is a very Noble thing to do
I think that turning the other cheek when slapped is rather courageous and not cowardly
I think that these days parents aren't getting the appropriate respect they deserve from their children.
I think that everyone must learn how to swim with the sharks and not get eaten alive