Monday, May 19, 2008

Jordan Business Magazine

This is by far the best business report that has been produced by Jordan Business since its inception. Three cheers to Ms. Zaina Steityeh on her succinct reporting. I have been reading Jordan Business from the very first issue until now, while some of the previous business reports were quality reports none of them come close to Ms. Steityh's comprehensive reporting.

For instance, I'm not a big fan of the interview type of reporting, the reader gets lost between the question and the answer, and some of the questions are much longer than the answer and so on and so forth.

By contrast, Ms. Steityeh appears to have spent a great deal of time studying the state of Franchising in Amman prior to sitting down in front of her key board to type her comprehensive report.

The story was very compelling, easy to understand, the sequence of events were chronologically organized and followed a systematic pattern from the opening statement all the way to the end of the report.

I enjoyed reading every word in this report although I'm not a franchisee nor will I ever be one, notwithstanding, the report taught me everything that I need to know about the state of all of the existing as well as the future American brands franchises in Jordan, something that I have always wondered about while driving around the streets of Amman and observing the bill boards advertising about the Burger King, Poppy's chicken, Pizza Hut and so on. Thank you Jordan business and thank you Ms. Steityeh for this wonderful portrait about the American franchising in Jordan


Bandar said...

Great blog. Feel free to check out mine, I just started it.

I'm an Arab-American filmmaker, and both of my parents are Jordanian.

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Thanks for visiting Bandar, I watched the trailer, it is very great I wish you all the success.

Naseem said...

here, excellent piece by my colleague zaina!

thanks for the feedback hatem :)

RUBA said...

this is not about your post,I would've sent an email to you if I found one so forgive me :)

I'm very curious to know something,how come you don't blog in Arabic? I saw some of your posts in Arabic in another blogger's page!

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