Monday, August 11, 2008

Clarion Call

I don’t know whether it was a fluke, aberration or what. Soon after my last blog about Jordanian bloggers not blogging any more, or not as often as they should be blogging. Jordanian bloggers started showing up one after another. Basem was one of the bloggers that didn’t blog about anything since he got married. I’m not sure that marriage is a cause for not blogging as Samer returned to blogging about a week after he got married. Lina surprised us from New York; she is pursuing masters in Columbia’s school of journalism, one of the best if not the best Journalism school in the USA. Nassem, are you listening, that is where you need to go if one day you decide to follow suit or your mind is made up about spending the rest of your life in journalism, media or what have you. Although I think that you would be better off getting into politics so you can become a minister of something or heck even a prime minister. Rami came back from the wilderness to tell us about the Russian attacks on Georgia. Let us see who else, Iman, oh my God, she hasn’t blogged for ages, her last dozen or so posts consisted of one word, one phrase, one sentence, and at the very most one paragraph. Ahmad Humeid, usually a very succinct bloggers came back but still not as powerful as he used to be, heck he used to publish a bi weekly article in Jordan Times weekender. By the way whatever happened to that insert, I guess they quit publishing their week end edition. Mohammad Omar is back, Roba & Dima, the dynamic duo showed up again.To a lesser extent Khalaf and Mariam, although these last two have been posting once a while but again with a lesser frequency than they used to do before. As for me believe my people that I’m trying very hard to find something interesting to talk about but it has to be something that is worth talking about such as the ice melting in one of Hani’s coke glasses faster than the other glass although both glasses were subjected to the same freezing conditions as well as the same thawing conditions. It is really weird. I’m fascinated by Tololy’s Haza3 and Jonger story and how one of them thought to be a boy turned out to be a girl, or is it the other way around. And then last but not least our fearless leader Nas, this guy doesn’t quit no matter what happens, you open Jordan Blogs early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or two o’clock after midnight you are going to find a new and interesting post written by him. When he gets tired of writing on the black Iris, he moves and writes on 7iber, and then he goes back and forth, arranging meetings, attending work shops, working full-time for a magazine, doing charitable work, pushing for reforms. Some times I think that he is taking some sort of herbal enhancements like sage, or mint, or I don’t know what. Mash Allah, he is in my view a super human, God bless his parents they must be very proud of him. I’m really ecstatic to see all of these bloggers coming back in droves. I know that Some day I don’t know when we need to have Nas lead us or at least lead the coordination for us for the first Jordanian bloggers summit to be held in Amman two or three years from now it doesn’t really matter, but I think that there is a room for us to start building up on this concept of citizen Journalism, I’m starting slowly but surely to believe in this viable concept. An alternative way of making news, pure, impartial objective reporting, free of bias, slant, or partisan view point. Yes, that is right.


Nas said...

Hatem, thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated. Sorry to disappoint you though, no herbal remedies are consumed.

Yes, Lina is off to Columbia finally. After a long summer of deliberations she has left us for the next 10 months and we'll definitely miss her presence, both online and offline. But I'm glad she went to pursue her dream and I'm personally very proud of her. Besides, we're going to need at least one of us with an actual, official Columbia degree in journalism and new media in order to do what we're planning on doing with 7iber in the weeks and months to come (stay tuned!). Hopefully, she's going to come back to something pretty cool.

As for me, I'm finishing my masters by correspondence, in public policy, at LSE and SOAS, but only because i love the field. If a political career is in the stars for me then so be it, but for now, I'm more content with spending my misguided youth on trying to make a change in the country then trying to wedge my way into "prestigious" places.

But, hey, maybe when I'm done...a few months in NYC doesn't sound too shabby!

I'm also glad to see all these bloggers coming back. Haitham Sabbah is also back from a long vacation.

As for a summit. That is something that is in the works but will take a while to get off the ground. So, also stay tuned.

Keep bloggin'!

Hatem Abunimeh said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog, I can see that more and more bloggers are coming back. As you said Hitham is one of them but then the last couple of days Shaden, Philip, Salam, Dave, and Tamara have joned in. I hope that it gets to be contagious and all of those good bloggers that abandoned the field come back to blogging. Mind, 7ala, Malaet Ghaseel where are you ?