Thursday, August 07, 2008

why they don't blog?

I can name at least 50 individual listed in the right hand side of Jordan Blogs page that don't blog at all, and another 15 to 20 other individuals that rarely blog and when they do blog it is usually about something of very little value to anyone on the list. I'm mind full of the presence of millions of blogs in cyber space that are read by no one other than the blogger, yet I'm exclusively talking about Jordan Blogs, a community of about 150 or so bloggers and another 500 to 1000 reader, these are just rough estimates based on the number of people that have 24 Internet access in Jordan. Still, that is no reason for anyone to bring their blogging practice to a screeching halt. So what actually caused all of these people to stop blogging, the simple answer is I don't know and I'm not about to speculate since each individual have special circumstances only they and no one else is aware of its intimate details.

Since I'm considered one of these bloggers why don't I start with myself and try to figure out what is it that prevents me from blogging on a daily basis or even as frequently as twice a day. As far as time is concerned I have all the time in the world I have high speed internet access 24-7-365. so it isn't time, what is next, things to blog about, there are so many things to blog about for the next 100 years, so lack of topics to blog about isn't it either.

How about my inability to create the necessary changes to affect the things that are shaping my own life . Yes, that must be it but what exactly does that mean?

I have no idea what it means all I know is that it is like I'm living under siege and this siege is constantly telling me that there is no point in blogging, there is no point in being part of the community, this is a very mean world and you need to stay alert and vigilant 24 hours a day otherwise the sharks may seize the opportunity and bite you during the time that you are preoccupied with typing or thinking about a topic to blog about.

I know this sounds crazy and I don't know of too many people that share me this type of feeling but that is the way it is.

Okay so now you know why I'm not blogging that much that often, what is the reason all those other Jordanian bloggers not blogging.

We have a bunch of highly talented bloggers on the list but some how their blogging has stopped without any explanation.

May be we should start a blog about why everybody especially those in dormant status can explain to us why aren't they blogging?

I think that it would make an interesting post to find out what makes people stop doing what they used to love doing.

I never thought few years back that several months will go by without any written post on my blog. But here I'm suffering from extreme blogger's fatigue syndrome.

If any one have any medicine for this condition I would sure kindly request an immediate prescription be sent to me.


Qwaider said...

All you need is the will to blog. Having something to say is optional.

Most people start out very enthusiastically, then discover that, there's no easy or quick glory coming out of it. Nothing is happening or more seriously, they start getting penalized for publishing what's on their mind. The result is simple, they withdraw..
Some withdraw to the realm of anonymity, others keep private blogs, some decide to stop publishing. But many just stop! Plain and simple ...

Hatem Abunimeh said...

We all know that they stopped but Why?
Do they run out of things to say!
Do they think that their ideas are too precious to be blogged!
Do they feel unappreciated!
Do they feel that they mistakenly got into it and now it is time to quit.
It is really puzzling, take for instance people like Khalidah, 7ala, Ahmad Humeid, Roba, Shaden, Basem, Firas, Hamzeh, Laith, Lina, Moi, Natasha, Oula, Philip, Rami, Jameed, and many more I can't think of their name. What made them stop or blog very little.

Qwaider said...

The answer to it all is ....


That's what stopped many ... Life happens, sometimes faster than we can blog!

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