Friday, August 15, 2008

Hate Mail

Following is a hate mail I received today:

Anonymous has left a comment : I hate all Arabs. They are evil. They have no reason to live in America, in fact, they have no right to live at all! They are not God's children, they're the Devil's children. They're the ones who caused the 9/11 tragedy. You have to be a brainless idiot to believe Arabs are not evil. They should be killed, murdered, treated to slavery, beheaded, burned, and shot. I say down with them bearded animals and up with us Intelligent Americans!


mab3oos said...

well, you just did the Anon a favor by spreading the "hate mail."

hamede said...

Hatem we been here almost 30 years we seen it all , it just another brick in the wall.

Mariyah said...

This would be the work of a "troll". They write things on people's blogs to incite anger and whatever else they can get out of you. I know its a disturbing message, but my suggestion is to ignore it.

kinzi said...

I am so sorry!!! You are a gift to America imo!!!

It's people like us (and Hamede), living cross-culturally, that take the bricks out of the wall that others build. Your American friends can attest to that, i'm sure.

Hatem Abunimeh said...

As a citizen journalist it is my duty to report anything includng the good, bad, and yes the ugly. Thank you for your comment, please come back again.
I know what you mean brother, the mail shows who hates whom.

I also think that it is a troll, I'm not thin skinned to be provoked by a pederast.

Hatem Abunimeh said...


I hope that you enjoyed your vacation it looked from your posts that you had a lot of fun. Get ready for another year of Amman's hectic living.

Hani Obaid said...

You know during WW2, Japanese Americans and Canadians were arrested and placed in concentration camps where they were given minimal food rations and subjected to force-labor.

If a couple more 9-11s happen, Arabs would be subject to the same. I hope it never comes to that. You and my brother are in the same boat. He works in the US too.

yazzen hani shmmout said...

hani, and hatem

this is yazzen hani shammout i wrote you before this aboutyour job problem anyways...

what hani said i liked but they cant do that theres a law i dont remember the name of it but it says that any spys of anykind leading to death or other countrys knowing about it then they have to send us back. brother in WW2 pearl harbor happend in hawaii and the americans thought it was japannese americans spying on us and telling them when to attack because japan attacked on the most important day is when americans was loading suppilies to th war. so my brother there is no way amricans can take arabs and put them in concentration camps even though another 9/11 happens and i doubt it will happen agine if it does there would be so much haterd towreds arabs in america and around the world the problem with every arabic man or women living in america is they worry to much why cant we just not care and dont say it hard not to when ppl look at you and judge because a muslim wo let no one judge them unless its allah sophana ta3ala