Tuesday, January 26, 2010

50 Postives/ Negatives about Jordan

I can't believe that I'm joining this charade but nevertheless here we go. My list will include a combination of both positives and negatives.

1) Not being able to find change even for one Dinar

2) Not being able to find public bathroom in downtown after the Husseini Mosque bathrooms close around 9:00pm

3) Watching people and shops in down town

4) Discovering one souq inside another souq inside another souq. I must of discovered fifteen new souqs inside and through other souqs in down town

5) Habiba Knafah by the Arab Bank alley

6) The peanut guy (recently passed away)

7) The Book kiosk by the Arab Bank in downtown

8) Basman mixed nuts shop

9) Jefra Cafe

10) Hashem Restaurant

11) City Mall

12) Trip to the dead sea

13) Taxi Drivers you got to love/hate those

14) In Ramadan waiting in line for Qatayef dough to cook

15) The slaughtered sheep head stays hooked to the body untouched for verification

16) The traffic police stopping you for no reason sometimes two to three times in one day

17) The chaos at the land and survey department

18) The schools having no heat to warm the children in winter

19) Child labor Children working all over the place

20) Slow internet connection

21) House/ Land hunting

22) Very cheap bread prices

23) Hard time at the bank for check cashing or hard currency withdrawal, most of the time they ran out of dollars to give to their customers.

24) Car dealers don't explain about their cars. They just sit and watch

25) Traffic at the circles during rush hours WOw.

26) Abdali Friday market, they have everything, I used to go there to buy fruits and vegetables at bargain prices.

27) The children museum first class really.

28) DO NOT ENTER signs are ignored by all drivers they enter any way.

29) You can buy any medicine from the pharmacy without prescription.

30) People go out of their way to appear to be very nice to you

31) People leave their phone and lighter at the table in-front of them wherever they sit, sometimes they forget to take it when they leave.

31) Income Tax department, don't bother going there for any reason, they drive you nuts.

32) Government Hospitals almost always out of medications

33) People Park their cars behind your car

34) In super markets it looks like someone is always watching you to see if you are going to steal

35) Driving from Amman to Irbid then through the Valley and back to Amman

36) The perfume shops in down town, like millions of them

37) The shoe stores in downtown, like millions of them

38) Amman Bridge, the citadel, and the Roman Amphitheater, I love all three.

39) Public schools uniform

40) The Rainbow street

41) People insist that you should have Soba even if you have central heat and air condition

42) People insist that you should have several extra spare gas tanks 6 or more

43) Getting your documents certified at the government offices after 2:00 pm. Forget it it isn't going to happen

44) Every dentist tells you that the other dentist is stupid

45) More Kia Sephia than any other place in the world

46) Everyone wants to paint their house Tatbee3.

47) The foreign maids have their own quarter in down town where they meet on their day off usually on Fridays

48) Amman stairs, I just love them

49) Salah Edin Bakery on Salt street, I love that place

50) Omar Abdallat I love his patriotic songs


Anonymous said...

Nice collection..I visited Jordan once before
We did similar one regarding Egypt on twitter
all the best

Anonymous said...

kindly have a look

Anonymous said...

one of the best #50Jo..
like the "people go out of their way to appear nice to you". "appear" is the stressed word here.
you forgot how people smoke everywhere because its allowed. one of the main reasons i left. that and pollution in general. i think its time for the king/queen to step in themselves to solve this chronic problem, otherwise it wont be solved.

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