Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And Justice for all

you all must by now have heard about the Court of Cassation decision to make the notorious press and publication law apply to the electronic media in the same fashion it applies to all other media. Therefore, all the news websites are now subject to the judgment of the watchful eyes of those in charge of enforcing that law. The exemption clause is rescinded, the honey moon period expired, it is now up to each one of us in the electronic media to decide for himself where to draw the line without violating the press and publication law. People who comment on the news websites are as much responsible as the owner, editor, and the administrator of any given website. meanwhile, the government is sitting back relaxed and sipping a cup of coffee, in essence they absolved themselves of the controversy that will ensue over this ruling. They can legitimately say hey we have nothing to do with it, the court of Cassation is the one that decided to make it so, it isn't us, as a matter of fact remember two years ago when this very same issue come up for discussion out in the open, we, the government decided then that the electronic media isn't subject to the press and publication law since a lot of websites were registered out side Jordan and therefore couldn't be subjected to the same law, then soon after the case was closed and you guys have not heard about it until the court of Cassation decided to rule in favor of including the electronic publications under the umbrella of the press and publication law. As you all know Jordan is a country of Laws, the law is above any body, the law in this case spoke up, so don't be going around accusing the government of doing this or that in order for it to restrict what is being said on the electronic websites. The government this time around is absolutely positively innocent of this ruling. If the electronic media personnel are unhappy about the ruling they need to take up the issue with the court. if they think that they shouldn't be included under the umbrella of the press and publication law, then they need to argue their case before experienced justices, even if they have to take it to the supreme court, I don't even know if there is a supreme court in Jordan since according to published reports the court of Cassation is supposed to be the highest level of Justice in Jordan. So I'm not even sure if there is any way to overturn this decision and the ruling may end up becoming irreversible. Good luck boys and girls, it is time to start brushing up your skills on what is lawful and what is unlawful that is if you care about not serving time in one of Jordan's notorious detention centers, the minimum is fourteen days in case you forgot.

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