Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama Speech

Last night President Obama delivered his first stste of the union speech, he didn't mention anything about the Arabs or the Palestinian issue, the speech was mainly about his domestic agenda for the United States, it included issues like health care, jobs, deficit, Tax cuts, and other highly ambitious programs. I'm not really concerned so much about the speech, I'm more concerned about the comments which people made after the speech, here is a sample of quotes of what the conservative American people said about the President and his speech.

He is the most egregious and outrageous political liar I have ever seen

Obama is a liar and a fool

Patently false and foolish speech delivered by a politician

He is a twerp and so is his assistants

He is totally incompetent of handling the President's job

Who in the right frame of mind would criticize the supreme court

The Pied Piper of Poverty took his show to the country last night and gave us the middle digit in our collective eye.

He bows to despots and dictators but he wouldn't bow for the American people

He abused his power since day one

When he delivered his speech he did it in a way like he was watching a tennis match

Mr. Obama seems to be delusional

He wants to dodge the ball

He sounded like the kid who took his ball and went home because of a call that was made against him

He sounds like he just got drafted when in essence he was elected to be President

He is amazing when he starts using that Negro accent

He wont get it until the country bankrupt and then the revolution would follow

He preaches more of the same when the American people want something different.

My comment on the above is that: It is all about freedom of speech, freedom of speech means that you are allowed to speak about the negative as much as you are allowed to speak about the positive, freedom of speech means that you say what you have to say without fearing that you are going to go to jail for whatever you said.

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