Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What is going on in Jordan?! People are killing themselves left and right, so far six people commited suicide since the start of the new year, that is an average of one suicide every other day.Is the life in Jordan getting so intolerable to the point where people find no way out other than kill themselves. Many years ago,While I was growing up in Jordan the suicide phenomenon back then was a woman thing usually reserved for battered women only, the method that they used consists of dousing themselves with paraffin and subsequently set themselves on fire. I guess in modern times the suicide phenomenon had switched from being a woman thingy to a man thingy, since according to published statistics more men seem to be taking their own lives than women. It is about time men started taking responsibility for their own failures and not taking it out on their wives or their sisters causing them instead to take their lives. I'm not gloating or anything I'm just trying to figure out what could be the reason behind this switch. I know for a fact that life is really rough in Jordan sometimes it can turn into a very trying time, but at the same time I don't think that it is so bad to the point that would make the person want to take his/her own life. The problem though is when one tries to investigate the cause -one gets faced with a stone wall since -one- can't interview the deceased for obvious reason, and when he tries to talk to the family usually- they don't get no where -since the family almost never want to discuss suicide with anyone- since they consider suicide a sin and would rather forget about it as quickly as possible. They don't mind if they don't discuss it with anyone ever again. For instance the father of the suicide bomber that killed seven CIA officials not only did he not want to talk about it but there are reliable reports that he abandoned his place of residence in Amman altogether.I don't know if he is ashamed, overwhelmed, anxious, or what?! We may never know because again he doesn't want to talk about. Never mind that his son's case is one of the extreme cases of suicides, but even the normal straight forward suicide cases are no different, the family stay mum and that is it.It is hard to forecast whether suicide is going to go upward during the coming months and throughout the year, but given the current bad economic situation, poverty, and high unemployment, the over all ambiance is ripe for the weak personalities out there to take their own lives. I personally can never fathom how someone takes his/her own life, there has got to be a better way out there other than taking the ultimate dive, but again to each its own and that is the truth


Anonymous said...

and to think Jordan used to be in the Guiness Book of Records as the country with the LEAST amount of suicides.

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