Monday, December 19, 2005

Googling Jordan Planet Members

Don't ask me why I did it because I have no idea, I guess I found some free time on me and I decided to use it Googling the majority of Jordan Planet members. I don't know what any of these numbers mean, they keep going up and down every so often, so don't be surprised to see yourself with a high number one day and then a low number on the next day.

The result of my Googling yielded some surprises, some of the members that I thought would get a low return received a very high return, for instance, who would have thought that a low key member like Jad would yield 114000, and a very powerful member like Ziad Kawar got only 655.

I was in between the 15 to 20 thousand category, I received 16700, very close to a former Journalist and an aspiring drummer/ singer Rami, he received 17000. The lowest was a member named Rawashed, he received 536, followed by Wael who received 578. Wael is more or less another surprise, he deserves more than that just for the exhibition he put out on the cultural street in not so distant past.

The Jordan Plant 'Staff' members did very well : Isam, the supreme leader received a whopping 57000, Roba did well too, she got 47900, Lina got only 12000, and Natasha had a disappointing 544, don't ask me why, Google yielded these numbers not me.

Moving along, Ahmad received 25500, I think it is a fair number for Ahmad, he isn't overly active but yet he writes in an adequate and consistent fashion. I Like his weekly and sometimes bi weekly columns appearing in the Jordan Times Weekender.

Another very disappointing return was Naseem Tarawneh, now who on earth would have thought that this prolific contributor would only get 544, it is ridiculous, I think that he should be up there with Roba and Isam in the fifty thousand category, but who am I to decide, it is Google who put out these search results.

Some members come out where they should be, Smeir is a new arrival and he received a fair 582, so is Owais, he too is fairly new arrival and he received 148. I hope that no one gets offended by these results, I'm only the messenger and the message is on Google you can investigate these results on your spare time and find out for yourself.

Other results in no particular order were : Ameen 13400, Matalqa 9160, Ammar Ibrahim 159000, by the way he was the highest one, with no one else coming as a close second.

Dweik 531, Sabbah 38100, I think the number for Sabbah is also fair, he is very active and puts out quite a bit of reading material out there. We haven't heard much though about London conference.

Sabanekh 699, Laith 837, Arrabi 833, Nader 11900, nader was sort of a surprise for me, I guess he is very active it just his name doesn't ring the bell when I hear it. Sabri 89000, Wow. For taking pictures of kids fighting in Hai Nazal, that is an excellent yield bro.

Kurdi 778, Yazan 10500, now who on earth is Yazan, I been around for at least 90 days and I don't remember seeing one single post for this Yazan, will Mr.Yazan please identify your self with a post or two so we know who you are?Thanks.

My sincere apologies for those that I didn't get to their names, they are either very new members, haven't posted anything recently, use an alias instead of their names, or I unwittingly omitted their names.

It doesn't mean that they are not worthy of being Googled or their Blogs aren't meeting the standard Blogging techniques, nothing even remotely resembles that.

In the scheme of things and due to the nature of doing things, one have a tendency to omit very deserving people, to those that weren't mentioned please accept my sincere apology, this report is by no means reflective of your skills or abilities, it wasn't meant to be inclusive nor comprehensive.

I started by Googling few names and when I found that I still have some time I googled some more, until I ended up with the bunch that I listed in the report. Again, please don't look at it as if it means anything to me to you or to any of the names mentioned.


Hamzeh said...

You obviously know that the numbers don't necessary equal the number of references to the real people in Jordan Planet, right? :p

Also, it looks like you used some people's last names thereby narrowing the search for them and some you didn't thereby yielding more results. Laish el mghawazeh ya3ni? :D

If I google Hamzeh I get 120'000, if I google my first and last name I get 106, if I put my first and last names between double quotes I get only 1 :[

Nas said...

woah woah woah, not to nag or anything but how come the numbers i get are completely different?

for Haitham I got 50,400 for example

Isam Bayazidi got 60,500

Natasha Tynes got 51,000

Did you search like this:

"hatem abunimeh"

you got 16,700

Hatem Abunimeh said...


I did say that I got 16700, so you and I are in agreement on the number, at least for my name. As for the others that you mentioned, I have no idea, I did mention in my post that the numbers keep on changing.

You are a Star man, you have nothing to worry about, By the way, I really like all the comments that you make on the posts. How come you aren't Jordan Planet member?

Khalidah said...

You urged me to google myself and I came back with "663" with the search result being my name and my blog title ... not bad for a new blogger ha?

Nas Black Iris - 623,000

Cause ana baghawez ma3 Nas ;)

Hatem Abunimeh said...


Although I like Nas intelligence and level of cognizance, I still wont aghawez with him, let us keep this search game crystal clear. Search by First and last name only. Welcome to my blog Hamzeh and Khalidah. I hope that you feel better Khaildah

Nas said...

lol khalidah, this way you search for everytime the word iris black or a word containing "nas" was ever mentioned :-D

Hatem, I dont know why, but i never use google. i stick with yahoo for better results

Hatem Abunimeh said...

I Yahoo searched you and got 1200 results.
Much better than Google but still well below what you deserve.

Nas said...

hatem, lol thanks man but the blog has only been around for 3 months or so under the new name

Ibrahim said...

well, lets make them to 149 and write my full name in your post :P

PALFORCE said...

What am I? shopped liver?! LOL

What are we googling anyways? palforce or my full name?

I rather google palforce.


Isam Bayazidi said...

well, googling names basically tells on how much they are visible on the internet with their real names. Many use nicknames, and with that test, the results are not a real indicator for anything.

One tip, with all your searches, putting the names in the quatation marks gives very different results for those who got high numbers.

promises said...

lol Hatem I recall you doing this once on mahjoob. Back to the old habbits?:p

zeid koudsi said...

Mahjoob is on of the most ranking sites in the Arab World

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Thanks for stopping by, I didn't use fake names, half names, nicknames, or quotation marks.
The result of the search were from using the Person's real first name and last name only.

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Ibrahim, I did use your first and last name, thanks for stopping by.

Promises: Thanks for stopping by, how do I listen to your songs?! I'm having hard time down loading them!

Hatem Abunimeh said...


No, you aren't chopped liver but Pal Force isn't your real name and the result would have been Prejudiced if we used Palforce. Thanks for stopping by.

PALFORCE said...

PALFORCE is a name of my own creation :-) copy righted to me, myself and I. If you ever google it, you will only find my sites.

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