Monday, December 05, 2005

Another Suicide Bombing

Another suicide attack, how different is this suicide attack from the one that took place in Amman on November 11, 2005 ? Are all suicide attacks against the civilians are one and the same ? Are the attacks directed against the Israelis are supposed to be justified ? Shall we as ordinary citizens condemn all forms of suicide attacks against innocent civilians even though these civilians are considered enemies?

Are suicide attacks moral thing to do or totally immoral? What is the purpose of killing 5 people when the enemy is going to retaliate by killing three or four times as many of the Palestinians?

Are the suicide bombers helping the cause or harming it? Will suicide bombing yield any results or is it going to harden the enemy's resolve? All of these random thoughts are going through my mind as I listen to the latest news about yet another suicide bombing in Natalia Israel.

I honestly haven't fully recovered from Amman's suicide bombing, I just can't figure out why people resort to such a futile attempt to change things. The suicide strategy in my opinion, while it terrorizes people momentarily, and creates a great deal of havoc and mayhem, it is a strategy of failure on the long run.

When the Japanese used it against the United States in Pearl Harbor, the United States responded by dropping two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two cities that have not recovered until our present day.

The Chechnyan rebels used it against the Russian soldiers for many years, and more recently against the Russian civilians, it too proved to be a policy of failure because the Russians retaliated and devastated Chechnya into ashes and charred its buildings.

The Tamil separatists used it against the Sarilankan government personnel and it failed to achieve any thing, the Kashmir's used it against the Indian forces, and in recent years the Palestinians have been using it against the Israelis, they too have not been able to advance their cause a single inch by employing suicide strategies.

How long before the people sponsoring these strategies realize that suicide bombing doesn't work!? On the contrary, it hurts many more folds than the little benefit gained out of it.

The policy of suicide bombing is a bank rupt policy, it should abandoned all together, the responsible people with the right frame of mind must realize that the entire world is against it, you can't stand all alone in this world.

No matter what the cause is, no matter how justified the person in carrying out their attack, it never will be legitimized as a form of resistance, it will always be condemned as an act of barbarism.


Khalaf said...

Hatem: I knew that this would happen when Israeli elections were announced. Everytime there are elections in Israel, a suicide bomber is there to make sure that the most right-wing candidate wins the elections.

It has become too predictable, unfortunately.

Alaa said...

I am totally disagree with your opinion, how you put the terrorist attacks against Jordanian innocent with the attacks against Israelis,

All Israelis are occupiers, they kill us everyday, every time!

Nader said...

Please Hatem, what u r saying...

What the Israeli do in Palestine.

ahmad said...

The resistance inside Palestine never try to kill children

Hatem Abunimeh said...

I respect the opinion of those who disagree with my view, but to me it doesn't matter what one dies as a result of : Death is death.

If one dies as a result of a tank shell or one dies as a result of being around a suicide bomber, the result is the same : It is a loss of life and that is what I'm against.

Hatem Abunimeh said...


This suicide bombing will have a very dire effect on the other innocent Palestinians.