Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who Said It And Why ?

"Your political acumen is equal to that of a 16-year-old, full of cum, piss and vinegar as the saying goes". I'll come back to this quote later, or better yet read the blog below you will see what I mean!

I remember when were going to elementary school, once in a while during the school year, the Arabic language teacher would walk into our class room, order us to remove everything on our desks, and then ask us to take out a blank sheet of paper and pencil because he is going to give us a quiz. I guess that was his way of giving us our daily dose of rude awakening.

Once he made sure that we have done all what he asked us to do, he would write a one sentence on the chalk board and then below the sentence he would write two questions.

1) Who said it ?

2) What was the occasion ?

This morning, while I was reading through the Jordan Planet blogging page, I have come across this following sentence :

Your political acumen is equal to that of a 16-year-old, full of cum, piss and vinegar as the saying goes.

I liked it a lot, and my mind didn't want to let go of it, I didn't know what to do with it, finally, the idea come to my mind late in the afternoon, and decided to turn it into a blog. What the heck ? why do I have to keep being anxious, why don't I vent out my frustration.

So going back to those elementary school lovely days, would some one please other than the author himself tell us who said that statement and what, or when was the occasion that it was said.

Let us face it, you don't see statements like that uttered by people every day! The author must have been very angry when he said it, or he may wanted to send a very strong message to whomever he was debating with at the time, or I honestly don't know what is the purpose for some one to say something like that!

Any how, if you figure it out sometimes tonight please let us know and if you don't for some reason figure it out until tomorrow, I'll let you know who the author was and what was the occasion that he said it.

I don't think that I'm concocting anything new, nor do I think that I'm violating any privacy laws or intellectual properties mandates. The statement is there for any Jordan Planet blogger to see it.

Why did I elect to pick it and blog about it, I thought that I already told you, it kept on humming in my head all day long, and I finally turned it into a blog, that is all.

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