Monday, October 03, 2005

Mutual Feeling

It used to be why they hate us ? Now it is why we both hate one another. I'm talking about the Arabs on one hand and the Americans on the other. The level of hatred between them two have reached an all time unprecedented high level. The Arabs claim that it isn't the American people that they hate, it is the American foreign policy that bothers them the most, it is the double standard that the US practices in its dealings with Arabs versus its dealings with Israel that is drawing most of their ire. The Americans on their part say that they are trying very hard to polish their image in the Arab world and they aren't only using their mouth they are using their money too. They have opened a radio station to broadcast in the Arabic language (Sawa) they have opened a television station, and they are publishing a periodic magazine in Arabic as well.They are all aimed at softening the existing level of hatred in the Arab world.
The American administration most recently hired an envoy (Karen Hughes) to travel to the region and listen to the grievances that are aired in public view against America and its policies.She visited Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the hottest two places in the region as far the US administration is concerned.
Meanwhile, Columnist Ami Tahiri suggests in an Article published in the NewYorker magazine that there is no such thing as Arab Hatred for America, he goes on to say that most of the hatred that the Arabs have for America is not home grown, it is actually imported from outside, & solely based on what the Arabs are reading from foreign left right wing editorial writers such as Naom Chomskey, Moore, and others. He challenges any one to come up with one single individual name from the Middle East that can be identified as truly anti American.However, this individual whomever it may be has to base his/her hatred on their own thoughts and philosophies and not based on imported ideas from westerners that are considered America's haters in their own country. I don't know what say, I think that it takes a very long time to build a trust between countries, a quick solution by an envoy visit is not going to do it. Cultural relation is a very good starter, exchange students, face to face meetings between ordinary people from both sides of the world is the best thing that can happen to improve the sour relationships.

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