Sunday, October 09, 2005

Homer Nods

Lo and behold last week I wrote a blog about how when we open the Jordan press association web page we don't find a single word about electronic media or about the bloggers operating in cyberspace, then this morning I find this headline : Committee to reexamine Jordan press association law, suggest amendments

One of the amendments that is the committee is going to be looking into amongst many other things is the electronic media, which means that we are getting some results, or are we !? Is this an aberration or someone is reading Jordan Planet blogs and noticed the criticism that is being leveled against JPA.

Whatever happened to the mandatory two year internship for each individual irrespective of his education or experience; prior to becoming a member in JPA, whatever happen to the article that prohibits members working in foreign press such as CNN and BBC from running for board members because there is a possibility that they might taint it and there is the other possibility of promoting normalization with the state of Israel.

I hope that those administering the JPA have finally come to their senses and relaxed the rules governing membership in the association.

The national agenda which will make all of its recommendations regarding the press fully public knowledge during the next two weeks have made it abundantly clear that it no longer see it as mandatory for the Journalist to be a member of the JPA before he can practice the profession of Journalism.

Despite the verbal fierce fight that the association has put forth thus far such as one hour work stoppage and holding a sit in rally in front of the prime ministry building, the national agenda committee represented by its leader Marwan Muasher, who is also the deputy prime minister have announced on several occasion that the national agenda recommendations aren't going to get into a squabble with the JPA over the membership issue since it represents only one item from 18 other items that will be governing the media as a whole.

JPA must recognize that electronic media has taken off like no other form of Journalism especially during the past half a dozen years, and to simply dismiss it as inconsequential, or ignore its presence altogether will be a grave mistake on their part.

I'm hoping that forming this committee to look into the rapid advent of the electronic media which some media pundits predict that it will replace the current press by the year 2025 is a step in the right direction.

I like to see JPA move into the 21st century instead of staying put relying on laws and regulations established more than half a century ago.

Everything must flex and the JPA is no different, it must flex too or if it insists on staying put it can blame nobody but itself since it will be committing its own self flagellation.

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