Friday, May 05, 2006


Word of the day [ whimper ]

It is another word for [ whine ] and [complain] it has been on the march lately. People in Jordan complain about the rising fuel cost, people in the United states complain about the immigration laws, people in Iran complain about the united states prohibiting them for acquiring nuclear technology, people in Palestine complain about the world not recognizing their government & about funds from donations not being reaching them. People in Lebanon complain about the President of their country and about why he shouldn't be a president, people in Egypt complain about the the reinstitution of the emergency law and about the slow pace of governmental reforms, people in Tunisia complain about the jailing of the Tunisian journalists, people in Morocco complain about why the western Sahara residents shouldn't have their own self determination. People in Saudi Arabia complain about the monarchy in their country. People in Turkey complain about the Kurdish separatists in the border areas between them and Iraq, people in Iraq complain about the occupation, the lack of security and over all miserable lack of basic services.And so on and so forth, you do get the picture; don't you!

Are all of these complaints legitimate and worthy complaints or are the people inherently born complainers ? At what point in time the person is allowed to complain without being labeled a whiner or a whimper ? Does complaining help solve any issue or is it just another form of catharsis ?

I'm not much of a complainers at all, I consider myself super tolerant individual, I can take a lot of heat before I utter one word that would give the appearance of a complaint. Why not try to deal with the issues in whatever manner deemed appropriate to you without complaining to your parents, to your spouse, to your boss, or to your friend, or to your government.

We aren't living in the state of nature any more, most of the problems that people face on day to day basis have simple solution, some intermediate and advanced problems may require some standards of procedures that need to be followed, such as forms that need to completed or fees that need to be paid, but still even those should never turn into a complaint provided that the individual had exhausted all means available at his disposal prior to lodging a complaint.

Most complaints are like the juice that gets spilled on the carpet, if you get it up in time and wipe it with a dry clean cloth and then follow it up with a damp cloth and wipe it one more time, it will vanish without any trace. By contrast, if you ignore the juice and hope that your maid will at some point in time notice it and gets it wiped off, it may turn into a permanent stain before it gets removed and then you will need to replace the entire carpeted area with new carpet.

I guess what I'm saying here is that people should take heed of whatever it is that they are complaining about. For instance, my secretary has been complaining about her wages for the past two years, I have been able to get her three raises so far but she is still complain about how low her wage is and how expensive life requirements are, what am I supposed to do? Pay her part of my own salary!

My wife always complains about me not giving her enough love, not giving her enough gifts, not getting her what the other husbands get for their wives, and so on. What am I supposed to do for her! I go to work every single day, I rarely spend any money on any of my personal items, I don't have anything personal that I consider to be luxury, I spend all of my salary on the house without saving anything, yet, it is never enough.

My son complain about me putting him in in public university instead of putting him in private university that has a better curriculum and better faculty and has prestigious name.

My ten year old daughter complain about not finding any topic to talk about on Monday morning for her speech class because she hasn't done anything on the preceding week end that is worth talking about. She means going to picnics, to museum, zoo, botanic gardens and so forth.

My neighbor complain about the grass area that separate his house from my house and how the weed is flying from my side of the grass and ruining his beautiful lawn, my family in Jordan complain that I don't call them very frequently and that I'm a negligent person and should call more often to see how things are going.

My partner in an apartment building complain about the tenants not paying their rent on time and about the ever rising real estate taxes, the pharmacist where I get my medicine from complain about the health maintenance organizations and how difficult it is to get them to approve the list of medicine that they have and sell to their clients.

What is going on with all of these whimpers? When will they realize that they have to take matters in their own hands and stop complaining, or better yet do something about whatever it is that you are complain about.

I can't take it anymore, sometimes I feel like I want to go somewhere where I don't have any contact with any other human being on this earth. Is there an end in sight for all of these complainers around me? Why do they enjoy complaining to me? I don't have any sign on my door stating that I Have a complaint shop! I have had it with these people.

Whatever it is that is bothering you do something about it. Stop complaining for God sake as complaining will never lead you to no where except more and more misery on top of the misery that you already have.


madas said...

wow! That is one post complaining about complainers :) I really found it amusing... But hey sometimes people just complain because they need to let out steam...

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »