Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Memo To Nas

Sorry Nas but you didn't provide us with any statistics or references or quotes or sources or polls of any kind to demonstrate how the people feel or don't feel, believe or don't believe, or anything of that sort.

Your entire essay is based on pure speculation on your part and little bit of figment of your imagination. It would have been a lot more digestible had you stated that what you are presenting is merely an opinion or a dramatization of a fictional situation rather than presenting your text as if it was a proven fact beyond any reasonable doubt.

Please don't go too far and misconstrue my intent, I know that you always mean well and I do like many of the things that you write about, but for some odd reason and once in a blue moon you just can't resist the urge to take a jab at the Palestinians, especially those Jordanians of Palestinian origins such as myself.

I'm not really sure what is required of us to prove our patriotism to our birth place ( Jordan). We have been pledging our allegiance to the Hashemite throne ever since we have come into existence, we pay our taxes, we invest our money, we serve in the armed forces, we contribute to the countries economic growth, we participate in charitable contributions, we vote, we full fill our civic duties, and we seek matrimonies from the native Jordanians and the native Jordanians seek matrimonies from us.

If this isn't sufficient to demonstrate our love, allegiance, and devotion to the nation of Jordan and its armed forces and security apparatus, I don't know what is. Your selective comment about the Palestinians not believing their government is uncalled for, I think that the time has come for us to bury the hatchets and move beyond this tribalism mentality, especially for someone like you who was raised in liberal democratic western society.

I bet you there are a lot of Jordanian of native origins that don't believe or aren't going to believe what the government explanation about the weapon cache is going to be, how come there was no mention of this group and was either unwittingly omitted from your essay or was deliberately remained in clandestine status!

I'm fed up with having to time and again prove my loyalty and dedication to Jordan, and I do take issue when someone that tries to question my loyalty to Jordan. More than half of the population in Jordan born after the 1967 Arab Israeli war, they have no link with anything west of the river Jordan, and this statement wasn't made by me, it was made by the king of Jordan, Abdullah II

I resent the notion about your assumption that the Jordanians be that natives or of Palestinian origins not learning from 11/9 experience, I think that it touched and continues to touch all of us until our present day.

I think that simplest solution to resolve an intricate problem such as the one referenced in your text is for the government to be more transparent, more open to the media correspondent, issue more frequent news releases, allow more officials to be interviewed immediately while the story is still brewing, but to shift the blame on hapless and helpless population who are toiling to secure daily bread and butter for their families is a pure cop out or pseudo catharsis.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Abu Naimeh, why would you say something like that?

I have been reading Nas's blog for about a year now; I try to keep up with all of his posts.

Never have I seen anything provacative of him towards Jordanians of non-Jordanian origins.

Like you said: times have changed - background discrimination is a shade of the past..At I think of it that way.

Hatem Abunimeh said...

If you take a cursory look at the date of the memo you will notice that it was written back in May which is over four months ago, I don't exactly remember what he wrote back then but to the best of my recollection it was something prejudicial about the Jordanians of Palestinians origins. I have known Nas much longer than you have been reading for him, and despite his overt support for the Palestinian cause, he has an on a number of occasions on his blog and on another discussion board made some nuances that are very controversial in nature.

Anonymous said...

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