Monday, January 03, 2005

Search Engines & Me

I'm not really sure what criteria do the search engines officials follow in order for them to classify the order of importance or weight with which each post on the internet has,or should have-- in order for it to get posted & show up on their particular search engine.

For instance:If you Google me[Hatem Abunimeh] you will find me 586 times,but if you MSN me,you will only find me 18 times.What does that mean and what kind of significance does it have is all beyond me,equally important,

I don't know why Google yields the highest results while MSN yields the lowest?! I'm glad that they keep finding me and posting for me every time I write something on the internet.

It is going to be imbued there for my children and grand children and great grand children to see it,read it and enjoy it whenever they decide to search for me.I don't have to write a book and worry about the cost of publishing and everything else that is associated with it,all it takes for any one to view my work is few mouse clicks away and bam everything I have written in my life time is crystal clear for anyone to look at it and enjoy it,curse it,canonize it,or ho hum about it.

The table below shows in sequential order the number of times that you would find me mentioned by the various search engines whenever you type my name [Hatem Abunimeh] in the space provided for the search.

1) Google 586

2) WWW 51

3) Alta Vista 49

4) Mamma 35

5) 31

6) My Exite 29

7) Dogpile 27

8) Lycos 22

9) hotbot 22

10) MSN 18

I have been writing on the internet since 1998.I remember my earliest writings as being merely a participant in a discussion groups and forums,then slowly I expanded the horizon of my writing and established my own discussion groups,there were about 32 members in my groups and we were discussing on a daily basis various social,political,and economic topics,that experience lasted for about three years,then I remember afterwards joining active civil rights groups,we used to write letters to our political representatives in congress and other official governmental officials.

When I got tired of that I started writing for newspapers,I managed to get published in at least a dozen of them,some of the newspapers were domestic and others were international.

Unlike writing professionally,Writing for fun is fun,you don't have to worry about meeting a deadlines or anything like that,you can write whenever you feel like it,you can take a break for several days or for several months,no one is going to hold you accountable for taking a short break or long break.

I like writing nowadays because everything written gets documented and stays on one or more of the search engines,and that is what makes it really fun.You never know who will be looking and reviewing your writing,you never know what their reaction will be,but no matter what,someone somewhere is going to read it,perhaps learn one or two things out of it or just dismiss it as inconsequential.

No matter what,I like it,and I'll continue doing it if and when I feel like doing it.I'm mainly interested in the documented written legacy that I'll leave behind,I know that I'll be read and I'll be appreciated and that is more than a satisfactory feeling for me.


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