Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Abu Mazen & Israel.
How many stories have way heard about women giving birth at check points,how many stories have we heard about kidney patients experiencing life threatening situation while waiting to get through to the hospital to have their blood cleansed.Story after story about workers not being able to get to their jobs on time,about students not being able to get to their class rooms to take a final exam,about an orchard getting stuck at a check point and not being able to sell his fruits and vegetables.Heck,even presidential candidate Mustafa Barghuti allegedly faced difficulties at check point while trying to carry out his campaign for the office of the President.Easing the flow of movements between all of the west bank cities,villa! ! ges,and town would greatly enhance the chances of continuous ongoing clam all over the territories.It is obvious that the Israeli army presence provide some sort of security measures aiming at defeating the terrorists,and deterring their attempts to infiltrate into Israel.However,like they say in the United States,"those who give up their rights to freedom in exchange for security deserve none".The same goes for the Palestinian territories,the first order of business over there ought to be the immediate opening of breathing room for the residents to move about from place to place without any hindrance.The Arab people are traditionally known for liking to visit one another especially family members-- very frequently,the check points causes these visitations to be curtailed and thus create a sense of frustrations amongst the people for not being able to exchange visits.So in my opinion the first freedom that ought to be granted to the Palestinians is the freedom to move around ! ! and between the cities without too much hindrance.#---
Hatem Abunimeh.

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