Sunday, November 22, 2009

Orange Sucks

I take it back, Orange doesn't suck it is the suckiest Internet provider in Jordan.Five months of going back and forth to their offices in various parts of the city, I finally managed to suspend the service order.Actually, there was never any service since I never got connected since my initial application for service, but some how they got tired of me coming back time and time again to check on the status of my order only to be told not yet, there is a glitch, a technician will be out there tomorrow morning, the speed that you requested must be reduced, the Ramadan and the Eid holiday put us behind schedule, we need to look for another nearby location to get you connected.And finally they told me the truth, you simply aren't going to get connected for another six months because there is no services in your area, Orange is going to have to install five to six more tall wooden columns to reach to a location near your place and that might take a lot of time and a host of bureaucratic approvals.When I went to cancel my order the clerk at the front desk informed me that only the office manager has the authority to cancel orders, so I took a number and after waiting for close to an hour my number was called and I walked into the manager's office and very kindly requested to have my order canceled.The manager started haggling with me and goading me not to cancel, my answer to him was that what would you do if you were in my shoes, wouldn't you cancel if you had to wait more than four and a half months without getting connected.His reasoning was that if I cancel I would deprive other people in the same neighborhood from getting connected since Orange had already committed to having that part of the town serviced within the next four to six months.Obviously I wasn't going to wait not event one minute longer.I requested that the manager give me a confirmation about my canceled order since while I was sitting in his office two other people came in and stated that they are still getting billed for Internet services months after they have had it disconnected. The manager couldn't give me anything and stated that it will take couple of months before the cancellation order makes it through the system I''m now wondering if I'm going to be billed for the next two months for a service that I don't have.I'm not going to talk about the nasty attitude the people at Orange had since a lot of the service companies personnel seem to have that nasty gruff attitude while dealing with their customer.This is one of several other other episodes that I encountered during a five months while sojourning in Jordan.Stay tuned.


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Anonymous said...

This has been my experience as well with Orange. The only way I've ever gotten anything done was because of wasta. I know an engineer in the company and he's willing to come out to my house to help me. Orange is never quick or on time with anything unless it's my bill.

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Thanks Lawrence for stopping by my blog, I wish I had met you while I was in Amman (no not to get wasta for Orange)just to chit chat over a cup of cofee. I love what you do in terms of writing and teaching English as a second language. Who knows may be on my next visit I'll have the honor of meeting you. As for Orange, my woes aren't over yet but I'm signed on for life because if I disconnect they will continue billing me with or without service. I'm like you I train my self to adapt to whatever situation and not the other way around. I'm very easy going and very easy to get along with but Orange drove me nuts. Best regards.

Anonymous said...

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