Thursday, March 06, 2008

US Presidential Primaries

Let me tell you from the onset that I’m a registered republican and have been voting republican since Ronald Regan had come into power. The reason I’m saying that so you know that I don’t have any interest in Obama or in Clinton. Nevertheless, as a political observer I never thought not even for a second that Obama has any glimpse of hope of winning the nomination, and even if by a stroke of a genius which is very remote that he does win the nomination, his chances of winning in the general election become even more oblique. The Americans are still afraid of another 9/11. Many of them believe that given the state of jitteriness that the world is going through these days, the possibility of another one ranks high in their agenda. The Americans perceive the democrat as weak on defense, they believe that Bill Clinton had an opportunity to finish off Osama Ben Laden but he chooses to deal with the matter as a law enforcement issue rather than a national security issue. The democrats on their part have been trying to explain to the people that should they take over they will try to polish the tarnished image of the United Stated around the world and thus averting another potential attack but the people aren’t buying into that line of thinking. They believe that Islamic “terrorism” is for real and their ideology is a destructive one, it is basically like a ticking time bomb, and it will take a very strong leader to stand up to that “fascist ideology”. And yes you guessed it as to what party portrayed that kind of a leadership. I understand that between now and November is a long way to go and anything can happen in between, however, even if nothing happens between now and then, and things remain constant, I’m expecting the republican party to retain the white house yet one more time. I know what you are thinking that I’m rooting for my party and that is the party that squandered all of the budget surpluses and put us in huge deficit, and dragged us into unnecessary war that could have been averted, and brought the economy into a recessionary mode, still, it managed to keep the people feeling secured in their homes, and you and I know from the Jordanian experience what does it mean to be secured in your own home. Please note that these are my own personal observations and not based on any expressed or implied evidence.


Hani Obaid said...

About Bill and Osama, hindsight is 20/20. Who would have known then what Usama would do later.

You can't really defend against this type of attack regardless which party is in power. I think the war in Iraq only only acted to increase the threat from terrorism rather than supress it. The republican candidates are arguing about how many MORE troops to send to Iraq, not on whether or not to bring the troops home.

I don't understand why you think the Bush administration made people feel secure in their homes. I think the whole TSA airport security, the terror alert levels, the post 911 anthrax scares (whose anthrax turned out to come from a gov. lab) all served to needlessly scare the people rather than make them feel more secure.

Nevermind other people though, have they made you personally feel more secure in your home ?

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Personally I have never felt threatned.I said the general perception around the country foretells that it is now more secured than September 10,2001. The proof they cite is that a second attak didn't occur.