Friday, April 28, 2006

Stop Worrying and Start Living

This post is dedicated to Khalaf, Omar, and Khader. I have read all of their posts and comments and back and forth incendiary replies. I was originally planning to comment underneath Khalaf's post but then my post has gotten so large, therefore, I decided to make an entry out of it and this would be my first post in about a month and a half.

I think that it is too early to predict whether the newly elected Hamas government will succeed, fail , or remain as a lame-duck for the reminder of their 4-year term. Winning the office isn't an end by itself it is the beginning.

Some people get upset when someone criticizes Hamas for one reason or another, those people should know that dissent and constructive criticism are the highest form of patriotism.

Neither Hamas nor the Palestinian authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas are immune from criticism, they stuck their head out there by accepting the positions that they have been privileged to be in, now they have to put up with what the rest of us have to say about them.

They are put in that position to serve and protect the Palestinian people, when the Palestinian people aren't being served or protected, then neither Hamas nor the Palestinian authority deserve any pats on the back.

Grant you Hamas is still going through its honey moon, but the honey moon is fast drawing to an end, and there is really no time for on the job training. Some people are saying that Hammas wasn't expecting to receive the stunning victory that it received and thus wasn't prepared to take full fledged responsibility from the get go, in my opinion this is a spurious excuse, if you aren't ready then why run in the first place.

Hammas says that it was counting on a national unity government, well, a national unity government is no where in sight, now what will Hamas do about it. There are salaries that need to be paid, garbage that needs to be hauled to the land fill, and bills for water and electricity that need to be paid.

Is Hamas ready to shoulder that kind of responsibility or is it going to continue griping about how the others are being critical of their governing structure and how they are tirelessly working on thwarting their schemes.

To put it more bluntly, does Hamas have a practical plan [ political as well as economic] to work with the situation as is ? If so then what is it ? Having said that they will only recognize Israel after the Israelis leave the West Bank and Gaza isn't a solution at all.

Israel will continue to act in a unilateral fashion as it please whenever and however the situation may accommodate its needs. Hamas in my opinion needs to put up or shut up.

Even if Jordan ,although I have no proof one way or another, drummed up the story about the weapon cache, so what! Even if Egypt refused to meet with Hamas's foreign minister, so what! it is all part of the job, and they must keep on going dealing with the problems as they come up.

I'm not necessarily pro Palestinian authority, pro Hamas, or pro the Jordanian regime, what I'm presenting here is an independent thought free from any prejudice or bias.

I think that Hamas has a lot of problems that need to be ironed out and I think that the Palestinian authority has a lot of problems as well, and unless they straighten out their act very quickly this dispute is going to become ugly and may even turn into full scale civil war, something that Israel has been yearning for for many years.

Let us hope that the cool heads would stop butting heads and start working for the best interest of their people without laying the blame on Jordan, the United States, and Israel, although these countries have a lot to be blamed for but what is the blaming going to do! It will aggravate the situation rather than mitigating it.

We need to help Hamas and help the Palestinian authority to get back on track to refocus their attention on the main issue of checkpoints, prisoners, border crossings and so on and so forth.

Bickering and tearing one another apart is going no where except the dead end. Both sides need to accept the outcome and live with the situation as it is depicted today.

Hamas won, fine, get over it now. The Palestinian authority personnel stole all that money, fine, get over it as well, no body is going to be prosecuted for whatever happened in the past, so the only course left is to move on and move on now before it is too late.


Khalaf said...

Hatem: I totally agree. I hope that Hamas wisens up and starts acting as a political party rather than relying on religious rhetoric to cover for their political ambitions. The situation is critical and it is not time for adventures.

What is good for the Palestinian people is good for Jordan as well. I have said it before and I say it here as well.

Khalaf said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging. I hope to hear more from you.

issam said...

Welcome back Hatem, I personally missed your posts. You are a level-headed person and I like what you said regarding that nobody should be above criticism. Peace

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Thank you guys, I hope to be able to blog some more but there are so many events taking place in my life and are overwhelming me.

Hamzeh N. said...

I think Israel and the US are the ones who need to really read this post of your Hatem and realize that they need to move on because right now, they are the most capable among all the parties involved to move things forward, yet they are holding everybody back for the least important reasons.

Hatem Abunimeh said...

When we cleanse our own household of all of the contaminants that are blighting it, and when we cleanse our yards, our neighborhood, and our towns and cities of the in your face illegal weapons, and when we prove that we are capable of controlling our temper, our rhetoric and our attitudes, only then will the United States move to help us. By contrast, when we continue to lead anarchic lawless life, and when we are at odds with one another, and when we make sure to pull down any floating ship to the bottom of the ocean, no one will help us and the status quo will remain the same. Shall I remind you that we are in the 21st century not the 19th. What used to work back then is considered futile these days. Slogans and rhetoric are things of the past. There are salaries and bills that need to be paid and that is what I consider indispensable right now.

Hamzeh N. said...

Hatem, I think you missed the point. The theme of your post is moving on, forgetting about others and doing what we can do at the moment.

My argument is that the United States and Israel currently can move forward without waiting for something as silly and stupid as the recognition from Hamas of Israel's right to exist and the general renouncing of violence which is not a reasonable demand to begin with given the fact that Israel has fired more than 2000 artillary shells on Gaza in just the last month (do the math) compared to what, one suicide attack and maybe a few clashes here and there by militants?

I agree, people should move on and clean their own mess, but quite honestly I don't see why I, an observer of this mess, can't single out the side that is slacking more whil being the more capable especially knowing that the success of the other in overcoming their own obstacles largely relies on what the first is not willing to do for no convincing reason.

kinzi said...

Welcome back, Hatem, I echo Issam's comment.

And, your comment just above was as valuable as the post. Good thoughts to ponder