Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Professor Sami Al-Arian


Topic: Al-Arian reflects on past three years
Name: Hatem Abunimeh
Email: habunimeh@yahoo.com
Location: University Of Illinois
Occupation: Associate Director

Comment: I'm not sure whose interest is being served by keeping Dr.Al-Arian in jail ! The American people Tax dollars arebeing wasted on litigation that is totally and completelybaseless.When 10 out of 12 jurors rule that the defendant isn'tguilty, I don't know how much more needs to be said aftertha! t. Trying the case once again for the residual chargesis another attempt at wasting more time and money fornothing.The American Justice system is a fair system, it willeventually prevail no matter how long the case will last.The same way Dr.Al-Arian was found not guilty the firsttime around, the same way he will be found not guilty thesecond time.I have always maintained in my mind that this man isinnocent, there was no way on earth that he wouldjeopardize his academic career, or trade his stablefamily life in return for aiding terrorism, the factsdon't add up and the circumstances are highlysuspicious.Being pro Palestinians is not against the law, helpingpoor people isn't against the law, and speaking upagainst injustices toward the Palestinian people isn'tagainst the law either.That is what Dr.Al Arian was all about : He is an avidPalestinian rights advocate, who amongst us that isfamili! ar with all the injustices that are beingperpetrated against the Palestinian people on a dailybasis isn't going to stand up for them !?Dr.Al Arian is a good law abiding citizen, he is a goodfamily man, he excelled in his professional as well ashis academic lives, his proven track record ofaccomplishment speak for itself.A charge against him of guilt by association isn't goingto cut it, so what the guy knew an acquaintance of histhat turned up to be Jihad organization leader? How manypeople that turn up to be criminals and have theirpictures taken with current Presidents and formerPresidents? Just because someone knows someone that turnup to be criminal doesn't mean that they are accomplicesor partners in mischief.The government ought to save our tax payers dollars andset Dr.Al Arian and his codefendants free. The longer helingers in jail the more that he will be deprived of hisright to life liberty ! and the pursuit of happiness, thebasic fundamentals found in our constitution.Something that we take for granted and something that wedon't wish for any American to be deprived of, be thatDr. Al Arian or anyone else. The America that I know, theland of the free should set Dr.AlArian free without anydelay.We all are familiar with the cliché : If it walks like aduck, quacks like one...and you know the rest. Dr. AlArian innocence is just like that duck, it is written all overthe place but for some reason our beloved governmentchose to look the other way.
Hatem Abunimeh
University of Illinois

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