Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Not So Silent

It isn't entirely true that Muslim Americans aren't making a concerted effort to denounce terrorism conducted by Muslims oversees. Many U.S. Arab and Muslim based organizations have consistently condemned the hideous terrorist acts in both Iraq and Palestine, and wherever else they take place around the globe. AAI, ADC, MPAC, CAIR, and many other Arab and Muslim organizations have made it abundantly clear in the print as well as in electronic media that terrorism is un-Islamic and those who commission it are bunch of thugs acting on their own and they don't represent the true Islamic teachings. Some organizations went even beyond the condemnation stage and started fighting back by exposing any kind of incitements found in literature that may promote terrorism or can be used as a fodder to brain washing young children at Muslim schools. They called Muslim Schools in part of Virginia to adjust their school curriculum which teaches intolerance regarding other monotheistic faiths. Muslim leaders of the world such as the Pakistani president, and the prime minister of Malasiya, and the king of Jordan have also condemned terrorist acts conducted by various Muslim groups. Maybe Muslims still have a long way to go before they are able to control all these irresponsible acts of terrorism conducted in the name of Islam, but silent no more, all moderate Muslims are united in their vision which spells out the notion that terrorism as the wrong approach to follow in trying to make a statement. Muslims are beginning to spear head real movements, albeit small in nature, calling for complete cessation of terrorism because all the terrorists are doing is besmirching the name of Islam and nothing else.

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Abu Sinan said...

You are right. We are speaking out, it just isnt as sensational as bombs, plural wives, and rapes in Pakistan.

As a white Muslim convert to Islam married to an Arab I am well aware of what we are doing. The media just needs to cover it more.